Artificial Red Unlimited was founded in 1974 by Robert Gulomb, as a service to architects and designers to aid them in bringing their creative ideas to fruitions.

After 32 years of service to the design community, Artifical Red’s founder has decided to revise the name of the entity to reflect what he has been doing all along. The company will be known, from now on, as Artificial Red Visual Solutions.

Artificial Red Visual Solutions will continue to offer the services of design, fabrication, surface refurbishing, short and long production runs, and custom solutions to challenging design issues. Designer Robert Gulomb uses his talents and training as a sculptor to create original and innovative projects, bringing his fine arts background into three dimensional reality for residential, commercial, institutional and corporate facilities.

These creations include custom designed furniture, architectural fixtures, such as lighting elements, railing systems, towel bars, hat racks, doors, gates, fences, signage, carpeting, andirons, sinks, vanities, and tables. Bob creates architectural hardware, including nautical applications, fabrications in ferrous and non-ferrous metal, granite, marble, glass, carbon fiber, wood and plastics. He also handily casts in iron, bronze, brass and aluminum. Artificial Red Visual Solutions also restores and repairs metal structures, as well as fine art.

Robert Gulomb’s work is represented in both corporate and residential collections in New York State and City, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Florida and Canada.

Artificial Red Visual Solutions

157 West Avenue, Stratford, CT

Phone: (203) 377-1921