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Linda Ruderman has been an Interior Designer for over 20 years. As President and Owner of LRI, Inc. in Greenwich, CT she has created interior and exterior designs for residential and commercial properties throughout the United States. Her career started in New York City.

Recognized for her expertise in Classical Interiors, Linda prides herself on her passion for detail. A strong background in architecture gives her an intimate understanding of scale and proportion, which she claims are keys to her successful rooms. Continuity, circulation, simplicity to the smallest detail, and suitability for the client complete the ensemble of variables that Linda brings to each of her projects - all with an underlying emphasis on being practical and functional for modern day living.

Linda has been a curator of antiques for many years, establishing important collections for several of her clients. She specializes in 17th and 18th century English and French furniture, however that does not limit her knowledge and sources for other periods. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe developing relationships with many of the top antiquarians around the world.

Over the years, LRI has established working relationships with some of the finest craftsmen and artists in the business. LRI works with certified architects, high quality contractors and vendors. The office is staffed with 8 full time employees trained in all facets of the Interior Design business and is equipped to handle any project size. Offering a variety of services from AutoCad to Internet communication programs, LRI helps to create a space perfectly tailored for the individual client.

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