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Homeline is the inspired concept of Donald O. Freitag, who was born and raised in Fairfield County, and after college began a high-end painting business which grew into a multifaceted home service. The dedicated house professionals at Homeline have developed a full spectrum of services over the years, designed to help clients make their dream home a reality and to keep it that way.


Homeline provides their own in-house design service to explore the possibilities for renovating your home, adding to it or building an entirely new one. They have also worked hand in hand with architects on many projects, fulfilling the vision in every detail. Interior designers call upon Homeline to implement the construction aspects of their designs, and Homeline’s designer often works with them as they request verifications or additional technical assistance.

When it comes to building, Homeline’s construction crew is top-notch, composed of knowledgeable project leaders and craftsmen who take pride in the quality and correctness of their work. They understand that following the golden rules of construction results in a superb and pleasing product. They have been building in the Fairfield County/Westchester area for generations.


Their efforts are supported by Homeline’s fully equipped millworking shop and experts who produce the kind of quality cabinetry, trims and specialty items that discerning homeowners, architects and interior designers appreciate.

All the fine work by Homeline’s crew is backed up by dependable and professional subcontractors, such as plumbers, electricians, etc., with whom Homeline has long-standing relationships. They work together to make the job run smoothly and bring it in on time. They know the high level of quality that Homeline’s clients expect, consistently providing the highest quality work.


The final touch is an exquisite painting job, and Homeline’s reputation is impeccable. Their painters have an eye for the future: they know how to prepare every surface so that the final coat of paint meets the highest of expectations.

Homeline often commissions artists for unusual decorating projects, such as murals, painted furniture and special floor designs.


Homeline also provides a handyman service to many homeowners, commercial entities and organizations. When construction projects are completed, clients often bring Homeline back on a routine basis to take care of other needed repairs and maintenance on their properties. Sometimes a new customer’s simple repair request leads to a future renovation once the homeowner becomes acquainted with Homeline’s full service. Homeline also works on a contract basis with area hospitals whose residential properties are entrusted to Homeline to keep well maintained for staff housing.

All of Homeline’s divisions work together to provide you with one easy and reliable source for your home needs: One Call Does It All.

Homeline Services

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