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Meeting a Hero: 

"It was such a treat to meet Robert Redford at his talk at the New York Times on January 8th. He’s not only an important environmentalist, a wonderful director, a talented actor, and still handsome as can be, but he is also incredibly gracious and kind. It was a thrill to talk with him about the environment."

"I graciously thank him for writing the forward to my latest book: "Prefabulous World".

Sheri Koones


Her newest book, "Prefabulous World" with the forward written by Robert Redford, will be released on April 15th. This book not only shows new and beautiful home design styles but alternative ways to save energy and harness renewable energy. Fifty beautiful homes are profiled in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Australia, and many other locations.

Sheri Koones is a widely respected author who helps readers understand that getting the house of their dreams can be done in an ecologically responsible way. Sheri is also a sough-after speaker and was invited to hold a seminar on green prefab construction and modular construction at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Written in an easy to understand and approachable style, author Sheri Koones walks the readers through each of the homes, explaining the materials, strategies, and systems used to create a sustainable living environment. Photographs, captions, floor plans, and sidebars illustrate to readers that green living is not as complicated as one might think, and attainable for everyone. Also included is a resource guide, making this book a hand-on guide for homebuilders.

Her book, Prefabulous + Sustainable explores the variety, beauty and eco-friendly benefits of prefab homes and recently won the prestigious Gold Award from NAREE.

In her book Prefabulous + Sustainable, Sheri Koones, demystifies the prefabricated house by profiling 25 unique homes to showcase how factory-built homes are greener, more efficient, sturdier, and more cost-effective than site-built homes. The book is divided into three categories—green, greener, greenest — and the homes featured vary in style, design, type of construction, and size.

All of the homes included in Prefabulous + Sustainable have been customized to create a level of sustainability beyond the inherent qualities of prefab.


“A well-designed and built prefab home is a superior and more eco-friendly alternative to the standard way of building. It’s time that more of us were building this way. Sheri is showing us how.”

Sarah Susanka, FAIA, Architect and Author of "The Not So Big House".

“Sheri Koones educates readers about the importance of green home-building while offering strategies and solutions, both big and small.”

Nate Kredich, VP, Residential Market Development, US Green Building Council.

“Prefabulous and Sustainable will soon become required reading for anyone interested in quality housing for the 21st century.”

Bob Berkebile, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

For more information, visit www.sherikoones.com.

Prefabulous World - Now Available through www.amazon.com

"Prefabulous World"

Sheri Koones is a columnist for HRG, a Book Author,
and Journalist living in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Her latest book, "Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe"
released by Abrams, April 15, 2014.
Hardcover: 300 pages

Tweet: www.twitter.com/sherikoones
Blog: www.sherikoones.com
Follow: Facebook

"Prefabulous World" Forward By: Robert Redford.
Prefabulous + Sustainable — Abrams, April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8109-8483-7, Hardcover; 200 full-color illustrations Foreword by Robert Redford. U.S. $25.00 | CAN $32.50
In addition to Prefabulous + Sustainable, Sheri Koones has written four additional books that are available for sale on her web site: www.sherikoones.com.
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