The Bartlett Arboretum & Garden's Designer Showcase


"The Bartlett Arboretum Designer Showcase"
Room design by Favette and Wolff

About the Artists:

Favette & Wolff, LLC is a Fine Art and Artisanry firm committed to works either original or commissioned: canvases, an infinite variety of murals, and wall art. With 25 years of experience, they meet the needs of top clients, many of whom are leaders in Business and the Arts, as well as notable figures of film and theater. Their clients include William H. Gates III, Sidney Kimmel (Jones NY), and Perrier. Favette & Wolff consults directly with clients or through their trusted interior designers. They have collaborated with several legends of the design industry, including Robert Denning, and Thierry Despont. They travel regularly to projects both national and international.

Favette & Wolff, LLC
Isabelle Favette
Tom Wolff
Phone: (914) 552-1238

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